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1,000 human visitors per day!

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Yes its true as of Nov 25, 2013 we are now handling more than 1,000 people per day with 3,412 pages viewed on the site. Topped out at 1,090 people. :thumbup2: Remember this is just Forum.Mopar1973Man.Com ...:cheers: Thank you all! :thankyou:

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Congratulations Sir!! Impressive!

I keep an eye on the Google Analytics and been slowly climbing up in traffic. Gaining about 200-250 human visitors every year on average.

Im about 100 of those. Lmao

Sorry... But you IP address in only count once.

Pretty good stuff there Mike.:thumbup2:

Thank you for making it happen. The whole forum thing is because you guys like to volunteer your time and help other member fix there problem and contribute you knowledge to others. So I got to say "Thank you" to all of you for making it happen.

Glad to hear they are actually human:thumb1:, not aliens

Bots (Aliens) are not counted...


Shocking isn't it?! 1,000 people piling through the doors of this little web site and growing? What is even more shocking we are up to 1,133 as of yesterday... (Gained another hundred!) post-2-13869821169_thumb.jpg

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Ouch... Now that the change of software I'm barely getting 200-220 people in the site a day... This is because the URL changes from the software. I expected this kind of loss. But I'm going to need all the help of you by spreading the links of Mopar1973Man.Com over at other sites. This will build back up the backlinks...

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