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  1. They put on an aftermarket turbo before he left, in the comments they said they put on a bigger turbo and he left with well over 400 horsepower.
  2. Quadzilla_Stephen


    Unfortunately with that hardware there isn't a way to custom tune like the V2 for the second gens. At this time it will just be tunes emailed.
  3. You can also send me the pics to identify what model the Quadzilla is and what equipment it should have if you would like.
  4. Let me know if I can help with anything or answer any Questions about the Quadzilla
  5. I am send you a pm Tom! Thanks @Mopar1973Man for the tag
  6. You could add one, its not going to hurt. The reason we fill the fuse on the ignition wire will be sufficient to protect the Adrenaline in a jump start scenario (if the power wires from the battery are disconnected or on a switch) is that the ignition wire is not our main source of power. But again this is not tested yet...
  7. It SHOULD be just fine when disconnected from the battery, but we've never tried this. When the battery is disconnected the only other place the adrenaline should be getting power from is the ignition wire. Our thought is that the fuse that this wire taps should protect it, but won't really know until we test. Guess I'm off to play with the bosses truck for a minute
  8. Unfortunately we have seen issues with the boards frying when jumping other vehicles also. The problem comes from the power surge when hooking up to another battery or vehicle. You would have to figure out some way to isolate the Adrenaline from the system to protect it. As long as it doesn't kill the truck and require a jump start you should be just fine. The problem is the arc and surge of power when hooking up to an outside power source (jump box, other vehicle or charger) High idle while winching won't hurt anything either
  9. Are you running the Beta version of the App with the progress bar when updating the tune?
  10. We are working app update right now, we are in the middle of testing it. However we are experiencing some anomalies that make us not want to release it quite yet.
  11. We look forward to hearing from you!
  12. 1998.5-00 are the same internally, and 01-02 are the same internally.
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