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Found 16 results

  1. The other day my smarty touch fell off the windshield mount to the floor of my truck after hitting a pot hole. I picked it up to plug it back in and noticed the connection on the back of the monitor had been pulled out by the android type charger connecting it the the control module. Not sure if anybody can give me any advice or tips but was wondering if MADS or Smarty does repairs? If anybody had anything to say please do because at the moment I can’t change the tune on my truck or return it to stock tuning meaning I won’t be able to possibly ever change tunes if I can’t get this smarty touch back working.
  2. Here is a quick write-up and how to for changing the image on your Touch/MM3 to something more to your liking! https://smartysupport.com/articles.html/smarty-touch-mm3/personalized-smarty-touchmm3-background-image-r25/
  3. I had my 2001 3500 with Edge comp box an Smarty S03 stack. Always had smarty on lvl9 an comp box on 5x5. Loved it! Truck loved it! Had to remove vp44 to do the tappet cover gasket an damaged the vp44 case installing it back in. Took the pump in to get it fixed an figured to get it rebuilt while its out. An now its tripped some timming code an killd my new vp44 on same settings i had for years before on old pump. Any ideas why this combo would do this to new/rebuilt vp44. The shop that rebuilt it fixed the pump again under warranty an had no answers for me why it would do that. Just scared to do that setup again an have to go thru all that work again pulling pump.
  4. Selling my edge juice with attitude cts w/ pod mount, nothing wrong with it, just trying a different chip. Bought it new in 2013 for close to 1000, asking 600 oboAlso selling a smarty s-03, vin unlocked, bought new in 2014 for 700, asking 500 obo.Looking for iquad to hook to iPhone, s472 or s475. entertaining trades. Possible cash over. Both chips come with all literature and adapters. Both are currently still installed but will be removed for a serious buyer, stock trucks aren't any fun lol.Also have stock non trailer tow, power mirrors, stock single bulb head lights, automatic truck cup holder, stock under seat cup holder, stock air box, and stock center console for sale as well. Make me an offer. All items located at zip code 80831.Pictures on request. pm me here, or send me a text at (563) 581-1246
  5. I current have an Edge Comp box and o just wanted to find out what other people were running on their rigs. I'm pretty happy with the comp box but I wasn't sure if anyone else preferred another tuner. The biggest thing that I really care about it overal reliability and on the fly tuning. I know there are lots of other forums online where people debate about this but I want to see what y'alls opinions are. I could be possibly be swayed to switch.
  6. If you have a Smarty & are willing to flash trucks to enable High Idle for other users, where are you & how far are you willing to travel? Thank you, Ed
  7. Not sure where to post this so please move to where appropriate. Question is can a Smarty be used to read generic codes? Ie non diesel? To be specific, 98 jeep grand Cherokee and a 05 set4? Just got a smart phone:hyper: and interested in an ob2 reader but if the Smarty will do it no need. Unless the app can double as a scan gauge.
  8. there is a used smarty here for sale locally. They are asking 450. I looked it up and it looks like it sells new for 650 or 699. I dont have a tuner and have been undecided which to get when ready. But if this is one that is of good quality maybe I should ****** it up. It says you can do "stacking". I understand this means use with another box that will advance the timing. I'm not sure what the exact deal is with that. Why isn't one box designed to be enough?....maybe that's a dumb question....I just noticed I posted this in the wrong section...
  9. Which level should I run, and should I run timing? What diff is it timing or not? My truck is all stock. I am about to try it and just wont input. Thanks
  10. I'm getting this code with no check engine light but the truck does not idle as well as it used to. That is the only symptom. P602 is a programming issue with the ECM. Any ideas?
  11. I have a Smarty programmer that has not been used and is unlocked and ready to go. I paid $710 last month and I have yet to program it into the truck.... all paper work / box...etc.. is all there $500 Shipped! First class USPS. And Yes it is UNLOCKED and will work in any truck without limitations.. I had a deer take out my front end after ordering it so I now need the money to actually get the truck running again instead of a programmer!
  12. Hey gang,Got a question for you. A friend of mine has a Smarty and was going to reset my speedo. Any way he tried it on his without the Smarty tune loaded on and it didn't work he said. Him and I were under the impression that he could reset mine and have the tune on his?? Does anyone have some experience with this??:shrug:Thanks,Winslow
  13. how come i am getting a p0602 code?the smarty says fuel calibration?
  14. ok guys heres the deal a friend of mine tried hooking his smarty up to my 1998.5 it wouldnt let him, the smarty kept telling him to turn the truck on and then back off again in a row about 5 or 6 times. heres the second part of the puzzle after my friend talked with Bob Wagner from smarty he suggested a short in my wiring so i pluged in my very simple OBDII scanner into the truck it pulled up a P1683 code. this is/was the only code that my scanner found. so now to my question has anyone ever ran into/seen this issue before and what is a P1683 code? thanks for any and all help
  15. I just got my S-03 smarty. I've read through the manual and have an idea on how to use it. However, the manual don't tell me how to just turn on the high idle in the stock ECM program. When I load a catcher program (they all have high idle enabled in them) to the ECM, the smarty stores much of the original ECM program and then vin locks so It can't be used on another truck. I can restore the original program to my truck and then the smarty unlocks so it can be used on another truck. So my question is when the original program is restored to the ECM is the high idle turned off or left on in the ECM? There is no specific function in the smarty to turn on the high idle feature, so how can I turn it on for a buddies truck and still have my smarty to use on my truck? If loading a catcher program on the buddies truck turns on high idle and then restoring his original program leaves high idle on and unlocks the smarty, then all is cool. Just trying to understand how to do it. Oh, the manual also says "If you have a performance-enhancing device installed, it must be removed.". I have a PowerMax3 on the truck which does boost fooling and taps the VP44. Can I just set it to factory setting (off or 0) setting, or do I need to unplug the boost fooler cable from the MAP, reconnect the factory cable and detach the tap to the VP44 when I load a catcher program to the truck? Thanks Jim
  16. my 01 has a smarty/revo and i still have trouble building boost on the line .the tq man is defueling it.i dont want a rad box. can i get a ecm from a 99 or 2000? if i can how do i find the perfect matching ecm?
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