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rancherman is back..


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You know your pretty lucky if the guy working on your truck has all the experience.

Luckier still if he if has no signs of the grey haired forgetfulness.


But when that young guy who worked on your truck just a few years ago is growing 'wisdom hair" :lol3: I know I'm getting old.

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2 hours ago, Mopar1973Man said:

Hey now... I'm growing my own wisdom hairs too. 

Ha Ha, I recently was listening to my uncle and his first cousin who are both recently retired and my uncle is balding but his cousin is greying and he looked at my uncle and said "I would rather have traitors than deserters". :lol3:

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5 hours ago, joecool911 said:

Welcome back Cotter!

not to nit  pik...  but it was spelled  "Kotter"  LOL...    and  is  where   John Travolta   got his start.  Yo Vinny!  Hows about a  coke??

I can't remember  what I had for breakfast... but  crap  like  this comes  at will..     sigh.

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