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Ever been to south Carolina?


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A very sobering announcement has been made at work today. it was such a serious announcement that they had all of almost 300 of us employees in one auditorium to announce the news...


My work is relocating to Summersville, south Carolina


This is virtually all the way over on the other side of this nation! they have been gracious enough to give all of us 2 years advanced notice before they close the doors here in Dover idaho. 


Among this announcement, they are willing to do an all expenses paid relocation package plus any other assistance in that. if you own your home here, they have a real estate company they will get with you to help sell your house and buy one near the new location. 


It came as such a shock to everyone today that you could hear a pin drop in that room. they knew they weren't going to get anything out of us from us swing shifters so they sent us home with pay. 


So i sit here, having a 2 year deadline looming over my head on what to do. lots of prayer and research will be done to weigh my options. i have a late as mid summer next year to give them an answer. 


For those that don't or won't go to the new location they have said that either way, it will be worth it to us to go or stay until the end. they are talking of bonuses and great severance package for those that stay to the end but don't go. 


There's more details to the situation, but i don't think it's any more relevant to divulge for my question:


Has anyone or is in South Carolina? more specifically the Charleston/summerville area?


I'd like input on the area as i want some firsthand experience. there was discussion for those that were interested in relocating that the company would pay us to fly down and check the area out. 


This could be a huge opportunity for me and the wife, but we also have a house and family here. it's awfully hard to think about right now.


I'm sure that if anyone is interested i can get more info on the matter and especially as the press publishes the news. 

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I wouldn't do it if I was in your shoes. Idaho is a good place to live isn't it? With a lot of rural mountains and trees. Back East is colder than Idaho in the winter. I think lots colder.

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I was born, raised, and still live in the Charleston area. What specifically do you want to know?

Charleston (and surrounding areas) is a very charming place. The locals here are very kind and good people. We have seen (especially in the last 5-10 years) a huge influx of folks moving here from out of state for business. We have a growing economy here with Boeing, Volvo, Bosch (yes they used to make the VP44 here...sorry??lol), and a growing tech industry. The economy and housing market has grown much faster than our infrastructure--specifically our highway system. Depending on where you live, if there is a wreck on I-526 or I-26, you can be sitting in traffic for a long time. Now, don't picture LA or Atlanta traffic, but to us natives, any traffic is frustrating! Haha.


Real estate: the market is expensive here relative to other parts of the country, but it can also be lucrative if you invest wisely. Obviously, there are going to be areas that are much pricier such as Mt Pleasant, the peninsula (downtown), and parts of Summerville. My wife and I both currently have corporate jobs and have invested wisely in the area and are now in a home that we would otherwise not afford had it not been from making money in real estate.


Food: I gotta admit, we have some good food here. I mean, it is the South after all! Just pace yourself is my best advice haha


Attractions: We have an incredible amount of history here. You can visit sites that date back to the Revolution as well as the Civil War (where it all began).


Schools: There are some great schools in the area (public and private). I would avoid North Charleston public schools.


Weather: Summers are HOT, fall is incredible, winter is short but can be cold at times (Jan-Feb is the worst), and spring is pleasant.


Hunting/Fishing: Hunting and fishing is very popular here. There are quite a bit of public hunting lands that I hunt quite a bit.


Beaches: Summerville is about 30-45 minutes from the beach. We have some beautiful beaches here and sometimes surf (thanks Hurricane Matthew!! :) )


Mountains: We are about a 3.5-4 hour drive to the closest mountains. Now, I say mountains, but don't expect out-west mountains. Blue Ridge Mountains. Beautiful, just not the Rocky Mts.


All in all, Charleston is a great place to live and work. There is a ton of opportunity for work here. However, I'm sure it is a very different place from Idaho (never been there so I can't be 100%). We certainly don't have the scenery that comes with Idaho living. To sum it up: We have great beaches, great food, great schools, nice folks, so-so drivers, and nice weather (excluding mid-summer...yuck).


Send me a PM if you have any other questions, or post here if you prefer!

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pm if you want to come down and visit.  I lived just north of Charleston, in a very rural area west of Georgetown.  Having been in both Idaho (best friend lived in Buhl for a few years) and the low country of SC, they are very different but similar at the same time.  I think you need to visit some.  The mountains are not close and are different, much older, smoother and covered in significantly thicker forest.  The low country of SC is swampy.  no other words for it.  We are actually camping and canoe/kayaking this weekend in the swamps.  (I presently am closer to the mountains now.)


I am going to attach a couple pictures.  One is a quick snap I took near Linville gorge on our way to go rappelling, one is the boys at a sliding rock the mountains, one is my oldest in a kayak going through a cypress knee, and the other is a sunset from a barrier island looking back over the intercoastal and towards the mainland. I added a couple more of us setting up a rappel looking into the gorge and one getting gear on looking away from the gorge.  These mountains are 3 to 5 hours from Charleston.


I try to avoid the Charleston area... too many people.  But it is a great place to keep the boat to go fishing.  :)






kayak 5 2016 lynches river.jpg




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I cant add a thing to what TY and HAG have shown you. I am about 5 hours from Charlseton back in mid NC. I have never been out your way so I am sure it is a good bit different than what you are used to. I visit would be in order for you to really get an idea of what it is like. A  lot of good people out this way and good country side. 

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Thanks for all the input guys. it'll be nice to know that a couple of you live down that way so maybe we could meet up. 


The company has offered to fly us down there all expenses paid to check the area out . dunno what the specifics of that is, but will know more after thanksgiving when they outline the deals to each of us individually. 


I'm open to anything right now, but won't make any decisions until after i see what they have to offer. 


My thing is i value certain things that apparantly no one else can really offer except idaho. like my guns. i really like my guns, haha! when it comes to freedoms and liberty, idaho is great. 


Joel skousen rates idaho 5/5 and south Carolina 1.5/5 in his publishing of strategic relocation. that in itself makes idaho hard to beat. idaho has been always difficult for a good paying, steady job like I've had these past few years. it's going to be tough to lose the benefits that i currently enjoy with this company if i stay here.


I'm sincerely hoping that donald trump will have transformed this country for the better by the time this company closes their doors here. it just might mean this area of idaho will have more economy. 


Much to think over and pray about...More to come when i find out more!

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Even though I'm native to the west coast, my family and I have toyed with moving to SC for years.  I've only driven through SC one time but it was beautiful and people seemed very nice.  If we get more serious about venturing out that way, we may take a couple week trip and do some exploring.

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I lived for 16 years just south of Charleston about 3 hours in Brunswick, Ga. I would visit Charleston a couple of times each year. The areas were very alike. No more wood chopping. You can ride motorcycle year around. Beaches are nice. Very pro 2nd amendment. I know in GA no class required to get my carry permit. Cost of living is no longer any cheaper in any part of the country, its all based on location in proximity to a metropolitan vs backwoods area. You can't beat southern hospitality. If my job hadn't of relocated me to MN 3 years ago I would have stayed. Now I am sorta regretting fallowing the money. Granted I am making more then I ever have in my life. But I am not home much, I never get to see my friends. Its a big decision. Not all that glitters is gold. You have a long pros and cons list to lay out and figure out. I wish you wise guidance and direction in your choices. This is a picture from Charleston  :cheers:


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I guess i should shed some more light on the new developments. 


If a person decides to stay and not go, they are offering to pay 6 months salary of bargained for compensation. This allows you to collect unemployment at the same time. This is their way of trying to retain you to stay until the end. They are also going to help with finding a new job. Reverse job fairs, help develop resumes and how to interview. The dept of labor will be helping as well and I'm hoping they are going to be able to help in securing ways in getting grants if someone wants to go back to school. 


If you decide to go, they will give you a year's worth of salary to help you relocate. It requires a 2 year commitment. The money will be grossed up as they say to cover income taxes and any other taxes during the process. 


They are also kicking the idea around of having some people go down temporarily to help train the new employee base. 


They are going to start doing the trips in February and on until done. It will be done in groups. They are going to find out who wants to go, then we get to take a survey of our lifestyle so the company they've teamed up with can help us in finding a place we want to live. Unfortunately they classed it as a business trip so i dunno how much we can actually stray away from the pack. 


Given the type of person i am, I'm beginning to place my "failsafes". I've already re-upped with the fire dept as a volunteer. This is going to get me back into the groove of things in that aspect. I'm going to be signing up for an emt class so i can get my license. 


There's quiet a few departments that are/or scheduled to be hiring. I plan on testing for them and see if i can get a career job!


In the meantime, I'm going to increase on the bees as usual and explore more avenues for potential income/employment. If i get a fire job I'm not waiting for it, I'm gone! I'll let the wife stay to the end then she can go to school for psychology. 


Other means of preparing involves reducing debt and increasing savings. I just closed on a refi yesterday that is going to save me an extra couple hundred a month and its a reduced interest rate. I'm actually getting money back upon closing! Not much though, just a couple hundred, lol. 


Getting rid of the 5th wheel is a task for when spring rolls around. Ideally getting rid of it completely is best, but I've also been considering a slide in camper. If i went to south Carolina, that's how we would do it. We would live in the camper for 2 years then come back home and have hopefully a HUGE chunk of money to use. 

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