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Truck tools. What do you keep in your truck?

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Just as the title suggests.  What tools do you keep in your truck 24/7?

My list is ever changing but right now I have:

  • Tarp
  • Ratchet straps
  • Stretch Net
  • Vice Grip
  • Claw Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Belt tensioner tool (and belt)
  • Small ratchet kit
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Channel lock pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Zip ties
  • Tow strap
  • Bottle jack


I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have used all of these tools for everything conceivable and some things I never imagined.


What do you keep in your truck?


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Metric and standard wrenches and sockets 3/8s and 1/2 howes an assortment of pliers a few screw drivers zip ties black tape 6 2 inch wide ratchet straps 2 gal of coolent a few different fluids spare pulley for belt tensioner old belt spare fuel filter oil filter and water separater ect lmao and a good set of jumper cables I keep 99 percent of my tools in my truck apartment life lmao

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                                                  For around here.



When on a trip: everything everyone above has plus a full set of new hoses, serpentine and fuel boss belts, Timbo APP, OBD 2 code reader, 1/4" drive electric ratchet, 1/2 electric impact gun, soldering gun, wire, connectors, relays, full set of ratcheting metric combination wrenches along with a few other things.  A lot of this I carry in the 5er.

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I have a in bed chest tool box, works well with the fifth wheel set up. It has good locks and I keep it full, 

milk crate full of winch rigging equipment, snatchblocks, Clevis hooks. Short grab chains and straps.

another milk crate with antifreeze, oil, zep 45, Propane torch, deisel 911, and a pint of anti gell. Duct tape etc..

Honda 2000w generator

smal extension cord and small battery charger

cheap 18” chain saw w/extra chain and tools.

an ax

more chain

A duffle bag with work cover all’s and a winter night time reflective insulated snow suite. and extra gloves

more straps and chain

fire extinuisher 

a hammer and other simple mechanic tools.

In the cab. I carry remote for winch and spare fuel pump belt in glove box along with more spare gloves. electrical tape, and fuses and relays and battery’s and a wind up flashight 

underneath seat I have a class 3 reflective safetyvest and a flashlight with a 6” orange cone attached, a spare serpentine belt and a underwater hammer for breaking glass. in the side door compartment. ( for traveling along a wild river in spring)


Yep, mostly safety stuff,  usually for other people, but I live in a rural part of Colorado about 25 miles from town in the mountains and no cell service, and self rescue is the only way out. In the last 30 years here I have come across just about every kind of accident imaginable so I don’t travel under prepared.

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No tools.


My survival bag is behind my driver seat with food, water, clothing, fire, first aid, etc. I don't worry about tools for fixing the truck but I do worry about my own survival or my passengers. This why there is more survival stuff in my truck than tools or parts. I live in an area where average 911 call is 1-2 HOURS. Tow truck could be longer. To make things more challenging there is no cell coverage where I live. So you might have to walk to cell service to get help which I've done before walking upwards of 7 miles. 


Image result for mopar1973man rescue bag


Every failure I've had required more parts than tools. Breaking my mainshaft. Not something that you keep laying around the bed of your truck is an extra NV4500 transmission is it?

Image result for mopar1973man mainshaft



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Tow strap, ratchet straps, basic hand tools, socket set, extra fluids, funnels, rags, assorted hardware/electrical odd and ends.  I went and bought a new yank strap for the winter and it ended up being pretty mild this year, I didn't get to pull anyone out of a ditch. 

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