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Both elements draw the same. 

Both come on initially, then just one during the second cycle, and then they’re both off.

You can see whether both or one are active via a voltage gauge. 

I wire both to the momentary, and let my index finger determine how long the pair is active before the starter cranks the engine. 

Once the engine is started, there’s no need for both/either one to cycle. 


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"voltage" rather than auto correct's "vintage"
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49 minutes ago, Dieselfuture said:

Got it all done, works great. Got it on a regular push in momentary switch and ordered this one,


Great - glad you like it.  I noticed that the switch you ordered is waterproof.  I have a windshield on my truck, so I don't need waterproof switches inside.


Actually the switch you ordered is a good looking switch with the illumination around the push button.  I am jealous.


- John



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