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So... I have a bit of a project..

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Well I started tearing into the repairs needed for the new rig before it is Camp/Road Ready...  I have my work cut out for me but, tis ok and will be well worth the effort :thumb1:

 I will need to add a place for some deep cycle batteries as this rig is not fully equipped.. I tore the cabinets and paneling out today... I will also be giving the walls a fresh coat of paint... Stay tuned!!!post-1978-0-57704300-1395804305_thumb.jp










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That it will!!!! However, I refuse to use the new stupid term "Glamping" OMG :duh: ... I was telling a friend about the rig and some lady overheard the conversation and gets overly excited and says..." OH ARE YOU GOING GLAMPING????" :sick:  :sick:  Um... No lady, I go Camping. I most likely won't even have a tv... I prefer music, so I will in the future upgrade the sound system.. :wink: 


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'Glamping'----- is that when you go camping in a Glamorous rig?


Boy they sure build'em bare bones-y underneath but look real good with the fit and finish. It's a nice rig.... well worth the effort.


I would not use hemlock framing again that why it rots so easily just from condensation. I'm 'pretty' sure douglas fir being the strongest of the evergreens used for framing, is about 3 times less dry rot prone than hemlock.


I like to use clear verticle grain douglas fir because it's amazingly strong but very very expensive. I only use it when I save it out of an old building that was built with the old growth Fir.


Western red cedar is the least rot prone  but framing members should be bigger because it is not as strong.


Anyhow enough..... :) been around woodwork all my life... ful time since 1977 and still love it so much can't stop the yammer and the hammer!


When it's done, seein' your work so far, I know it will be pretty darn purdy

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