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2016 Silverado Mileage

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Have put 2 tanks of fuel thru my 2016 Silverado 4x4, with the 5.3GDI, 6speed auto now.  First tank netted an even 19mpg (hand calculated..........overhead read 19.4) driving strictly in M5 to shut out 6th gear and avoid it going into V4 mode.  This tank also included about 40 or so miles of towing my work trailer.


Second tank netted me 22.2mpg (overhead reading 22.7) also driving strictly in M5 again.  No trailer towing on this tank.


Pretty nice so far.

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3 minutes ago, dripley said:

Did you ever get us a picture of said great mileage vehicle? If so I missed it.



Wanna get the "camper shell" on before pix;  as that's the way the truck will be for all the time I own her!!!  Getting it installed tomorrow!!!  Stay tuned!!:thumb1:

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4 hours ago, dripley said:

Great looking truck. Somebody stole your back seat though.



All the back seat on MightyWhitey did was collect  "stuff"!!!  MeanGreen, my '99, was a regular cab.  Miss that truck big time!!  

8 foot bed............catch all!!!


Truck had to fit in the garage also!!!


I axed the gumbys that installed my top ...................how much it weighed.................................they said about 200lbs. total!!!!  Does that sound correct??!!

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Mine is a catch all too, but necessary. Though I went to the dump yesterday and had to stop on the scale. 8160#'s with me in it. I believe a diet is in order.


As far as that top, 2000 sounds way out there if is just a shell. Fiberglass I am assuming? 200 would be more like it unless something else is going on inside of it.

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18 hours ago, AH64ID said:

Out of curiosity did you check out the ecodiesel at all?


200lbs doesn't seem too far off of what I would guess. 



Looked, and drooled a bit.  But at this time, with that APPS issue, and with the health problems Dad is having, I just needed to unload MightyWhitey and get into something new.  I had my mind made up that it was a new truck that day.  Didn't think I'd get anything near what they offered in trade for MightyWhitey.  I dunno................I may keep this truck 2 years, or I may keep it 10.  And truth be told, I really don't need the diesel anymore................I'm not towing anywhere near as much as I used to,  and this truck handles my work trailer and boat  just fine.


They were willing to deal on this truck.................not so much on the Ecodiesels!!  I did ask also!!  They knocked off over 15% of the sticker and with the trade in of MW, I drove out spending only about 70% what I thought I would for a new truck that day!!  Made it much easier to handle paying for the Line-X and the Camper shell!!!


4 MODS so far...............


1.  Line-X the bed

2.  Camper Shell

3.  Oil Catch Can

4.  Range AFM delete module

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Not to burst anyones bubble, but I heard some car manufacturers got cut lying about mpg, even though your hand calculating might be right on, what they did is messed with speedometer just enough to make it look like you were getting good mpgs. Plus waranty runs out quicker. Just a rumor that I heard, pretty sure they talked about it on tv a few years ago. Check it against a GPS on higher speeds, see how close it is and maybe with some one next to you going same speed that you know and compare. If it's of any interest that is. 

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Of the 3 rigs I own the worst is off by 2%. The Dodge may have been more but I have been running a Smarty, of some sort or another, since the beginning of 2008 and generally have my odometer ±0.5%. 


I always verify the accuracy of my odometer and not speedometer. I have always found the speedometers to read fast even if the odometer is on. I try to forget how much so I don't speed as fast :-)


Last month I did 1100 miles in the truck in one day and was within 0.2% GPS to truck... but I have swapped tires since and haven't gone far enough to do a good check thou it looks like I am still within 0.5%. 


I verified the error in my Jetta this weekend. In 800 miles it was always 2% slow of the GPS, i.e. at 100 miles on the Jetta the GPS showed 102.00. It was as dead on 2% as I could tell to the odometer; however the speedometer was a 3rd number. 


At 80 mph on the speedometer the GPS showed 78-79 and the odometer was recording as if I was doing 76-77. 

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