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New Kid From Texas. . .

Texas CTD

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Hello guys! I'm Will - some of y'all might know me as TexasTurbo on the Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum. I guess I should've used the same username, but I liked Texas CTD better.:tease:I'm 15 years old, and our ranch truck is a (bone stock) '98.5 dually, 5spd, 2wd. I'm fascinated with these trucks and the knowledge about these trucks on this website, so I figured I would join. I'm here, just like on the Cummins Forum, to learn all I can about these trucks.I just want to say thank you, Mike, for an awesome website with a wealth of information that has helped me a bunch. :thumbup2:

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wow - 15 and driving a CTD - how sweet - welcome fella :thumbup2:

Thank you, sir. Yep, I started when I was 9, and been hooked ever since.

Welcome to the forum!

Thank you.

oohhh got some young blood up in here! Welcome!!! and remember there are no stupid questions here, so ask away!

Thank you, and I'm sure I'll have some stupid ones! :lmao:
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