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Hey Gang...


We got a new feature here I gotta set up. It's a Acronym feature. In other works we can continue to use acronyms in our post but like if I was talking about IAT sensor you notice the "iat" is underlined and if you hover over it it shows the acronyms actual meaning. So time to gather up the acronyms and get them posted here.

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FCA-fuel control actuator

WIF- water in fuel

HPCR- High pressure common rail

IP- Injection pump

PTO- Power take off

HOAT-hybrid organic additive technology

IOD- Ignition off draw

PDC- Power distribution center

FICM- Front integrated control module

IGN- Ignition

CV- Constant velocity














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Mopar Icon Notes
For the acronym feature to work all letter MUST be capitalized for it to show up. So if you have lower-cased letters mixed in or all lower-cased then the feature is disabled.


Also lets get these all gather up as much as possible and I recount/repost the these so they all show up.

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MPG Miles per gallon

TDR Turbo Diesel Register

CF cummins forum

EGT's <--with the 's, dunno if that works still?

MPH miles per hour

PSI pounds per square inch

OD overdrive




...well look at that, some of them are already in!

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CRS... Yep, I know that one.


UOA used oil analysis


LMAO laughin my arse off


IIRC if i remember correctly


IMO in my opinion


IMHO in my humble opinion


FWIW for what its worth

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