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Disassembled A Bosch Vp44 Injection Pump

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No problem guys, although Im sure you all would have done the same. I acquired the pump for free, I stumbled across it in a scrap pile at a friends house. When I asked him if I could have it, you should have seen the look on his face. He said no problem but what you gonna do with it because it sure isnt usable! I'm sure Mike will attest to the condition of the nose, I don't know the history but all I can say is the fella changing that pump didn't know what he was doing. I'm guessing he must of tried prying the gear off of the shaft because it's chewed up pretty bad to the point it was rejected as a core, and my friend who scraps on the side acquired it through one of the buisinisses he buys from.

So long story short, the only thing it cost me was shipping, which I nearly coughed a lung when they put it on the scale and rang up the charges, but it's all in the name of education!

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Yea... He's right the nose of the body is tore up pretty good and I barely got start tearing it apart. So I've got my camera in the shop and started tearing it apart.




It doesn't help when your coming home from a fire fighter class at midnight and checking the web site till almost 1am and then get woke up at 7am with a on rush of phone calls. I'm seriously dragging butt...

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I managed to tear down the entire pump I can tell you it failed from a P0216 code for sure. The timing cam ring and timing piston where seized up and took a lot to get them out.


As for the diaphragm it does NOT exist in a VP44 pump. Just like the exploded view I provided on my article page this pump is a exact copy (except the diagram is 2 piston pump this one 3 piston). So the fuel pressure diaphragm myth is now BUSTED!





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Amazingly enough most of the pump is in the distributor head. The 3 sliding pins on the distributor shaft are actually the pump pistons. The distributor head is consider a sealed unit.



The cam ring and roller shoes are what pump the pistons inwards.


Now we all wondered about how the VP44 could track timing there is a pin on the cam ring that moves the tone wheel sensor as well.



Timing piston is controlled by a electronic valve that either adds pressure or releases pressure. There is a very fine screen/filter around the valve. As you seen the timing piston was galled.



Yes. There is a vane pump in these pumps.


Also took note the owner was running red dye. :duh:


So more than likely filtration and HFRR was more of issue in this pump.










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