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What happen that I was told of tonight. There was a vehicle accident vs. Bull. Now the bull was getting aggressive and attempting to get at working crews. So the deputies attempted to shot the bull to put it down since it had broken legs. The farmer went back to get his rifle to put the bull down. When the rancher pull the rifle out it case it discharged for some reason and the two deputies spun and shot the rancher. The wife came out to find out what the shooting was a about and the deputies jumped the wife not knowing who she was come running out the dark. I guess she had a heart attack on the spot when she found out her husband was shot.

(Disclaimer: This is all here-say posted above past on to me by other locals.)

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Personally from my stand point I understand why police officers are trained to react quickly. In the same sense they have to remember where they are at and who they are dealing with. In this case to me (personal opinion) the training kicked in and the officers reacted as trained and returned fire from where the initial fire came from. Again if the officers where more relaxed then this might not of happened. Also is the same sense if they are too relaxed a criminal might get the jump on them.

I've seen several younger officers that act very strange. Thinking everything is a bomb or a booby-trap. Like an example a kid left his jacket on the library return box outside the library. The officer took a stance of protection over a kid jacket. Really? But that what they are being taught... 

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The times have changed.  Not saying this is you or anyone here but I think it is safe to say and a pretty well accepted factoid that the average "America" (and I am being VERY generous here) is a "low information voter" not to mention readily accepts whatever local, state, or federal government tells or orders them to do or think.  75 years ago, this type of thing would not be tolerated in the least.  The facts are not in about this particular instance but the police and law enforcement across the board have gone off the deep end.  They are NOT peace officers, they are state sponsored and paid enforcers. 

28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 defines exactly what they have become and what they are:

http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/granule/CFR-2010-title28-vol1/CFR-2010-title28-vol1-sec0-85/content-detail.html  (if you really like dry boring reading)


“...the unlawful use of force and violence

against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian

population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

It goes on further to define Domestic Terrorism as:

the unlawful use, or threatened use, of force or violence by

a group or individual based and operating entirely within the United States or

Puerto Rico without foreign direction committed against persons or property to

intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof

in furtherance of political or social objectives


The latter definition describes precisely how current day law enforcement is employed, behaves, and pretty much the general scope of their mission.  They are trained in a compatible posture to accommodate this mission. 


Hence why we are now seeing more and more examples like this rancher being shot.  It is not a matter of a "few bad apples"  either. 


Not all cops are bad but not nearly as many as you think are good are.  My point here is that when anyone is given absolute power, it almost always corrupts absolutely.  There is little to no accountability for honest mistakes much less official or criminal misconduct.

Perhaps the rancher DID do as you mentioned the hear say said and mistakenly fired his rifle taking it out of the case.  The police response was questionable at best in view of the supposed facts of it being a very small community in which everyone knows each other.  I have serious doubts if we will ever be able to read about what really happened much less full accountability upheld.  If you or I were in place of the 2 deputies and shot the rancher, I seriously doubt the outcome for us would be the same as it would be for the deputies. 


America is supposedly fighting a "war on terror" but in my opinion she is fighting it in the WRONG place.  The mission of "to protect and serve" the people & property of each community died out long ago. 

This rancher found out the hard way that the police are NOT your friend nor there to protect you or your property.  In much the same fashion I did.  Policing/Law Enforcement has virtually nothing to do with law and almost everything to do with political manipulation & corruption. 


The above having been said, I feeling horribly for the rancher Jack Yantis, his wife, family, and friends.  Their community will never be the same after this and Sheriff Department and local police will NEVER be viewed with the same trust or support if they continue to have any.  When things like this happen, there is one terrible law and its consequences NOBODY, not even law enforcement, & big government included is above or immune from.........the law of unintended consequences.   




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This is the latest I have seen on this:



Not exactly what you would say is impartial but what he writes about IS true.



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I am really surprised.  Just got done reading this on Lew Rockwell's website.  If he carries this story, it will get much more wide spread.


Wild and Free, it pains me much to say that this is not just an ISP problem.  It is a nationwide problem in just about EVERY police/sheriff department.



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 Does not add up because...... How much of a threat is a bull with two broken legs? No decent hard working rancher is going to let his bull suffer and shoot police officers instead. And if it was so dark wouldn't the rancher get closer to explain what he is doing with the rifle to see anyway?


My wife and I think this is too sad

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Edit note:  I tried numerous times to post this reply last night but that forum would not accept it.  Maybe it was some problems with my crappy ISP.  Anyhow, I saved it and posted with no problem this morning. 



JAG1, I think it has a lot to do with how police are trained, the corporate mentality & culture, and the push to hire police officers who will comply with training goals at the expense of morality and moral hazard.  This is just my opinion but I think a decent, caring person of moral standards and integrity would stand almost NO chance of being hired in most police departments. 

Police are trained in a manner that reinforces the premise that they are the superior being to be obeyed at ANY cost or force to gain compliance.  This training reinforces the prime directive in the police officer's mind that the ALL important requirement is that they go home at the end of their shift WHATEVER the cost is to accomplish this.  The private citizen is the enemy and therefore expendable. 

I wish this were NOT the case as the police were altogether a different breed in my younger years 40 to 50 years ago.  I don't recognize who these immoral terrorists are now. 




It is not a matter of being a cop hater as I am NOT........all you have to do is look around you and read about it.  You can fill pages and pages with stories just like this. 

The latest as of this morning



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My brother in law has just recently left the force because of what manner the department carries themselves in now. Everyone that I talked to that knew him as am officer, even the ones he's arrested, admit that he was a good cop. It's unfortunate because these are the people we Need on the tax roll.

He was with the department for about 5 years and had more time than that as a jailer. Now he is a probation officer. His chief wouldn't promote him even though he deserved it. Guess what His reason was; he was too nice of a cop!!!

With the expansion of the us95 corridor, idaho has increased it's state trooper base to patrol the highway more. Which concerns me because with the sudden influx of demand, means they bring on anyone qualified or willing to do whatever they're ordered.

In my area, we've had a few officer involved shootings that have caused problems. This is a small town area but yet we've probably had more shootings than Spokane in the past year.

I was recently pulled over for a tail light out on the utility trailer. Hauling my bees home in the night. First questions I get outs whether or not I was a criminal and whether or not I had weapons on me. Naturally I had to then procure my permit as I did have my pistol.

The concerning part is whether or not I have to worry about the guy telling me he can violate muy rights by saying he has the right to search me now...

It turned out to be a harmless stop and I shook his hand for not giving me a ticket.

First thing I do is run through a mental checklist to see if the cop really is a cop and not an impersonator. After, I'm on guard for not having my right violated.

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