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1 hour ago, LorenS said:

Anyone have replacement radiator supplier preferences? Mine is leaking at the tank gasket.


I don't need a super-duty, haul 25,000 uphill in the desert model.

Nothing fancy for me. Had to buy from AA or AZ about 9 years ago. Spectra I think. Still in the truck and working fine.

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2 hours ago, LorenS said:

Anyone have replacement radiator supplier preferences?

I use 1-800-Radiator & AC here in the San Diego area.  They are a franchise wholesale parts outlet.  There's one in Kansas City, Mo at 310 89th Terrace.  861-361-5960   Give them a call and see what they can do for you. 

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You know I have heard 2 core and 3 core thing around here and the replacements are only 2 core and should be 3. My OE was only 2 core and just like the 2 core I replaced it with. Did the early models come 3 core and were they any thicker than this?


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I remember researching the same 2 core vs. 3 core and came to the conclusion that since the radiators were the same dimensions the 2 core had larger rows vs 3 smaller rows with a 3 core. so kind of a trade off. I also remember that you had to specify if you had a built in tranny cooler or external, mine is external, but I really don’t remember if I have a 2 or 3 core, but leaning toward 2 core 

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I have just been wondering about it for a while. I put mine in on a Sunday on the side I40 when the old one blew. It could of had 1 or 20 cores l didn't much care as long as it worked. It's held up just fine though. Surprisingly easy to do too.

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