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High Idle Kit Is Here

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Swweeeet! Looks good. So, you said you were going to do a writeup on this too, right? Are any of the connections going to interfere with an edge comp, etc?


I think the knob could be of a different style...


Write will be on hook up and diagnostics. But no design for do-it-yourself... As for connections there is none that will affect the Edge Comp It hooks to the IAT sensor and the ECT sensor which neither sensor the Edge Comp even uses.


Are there any disadvantages to having your ECM reflashed from the dealer? I don't have high idle.


No. The dealer flash and a smarty flash are exactly the same its just dealer charges for their time where a Smarty is free.


I was just wondering the same thing if the mpg tune will get screwed up with my adrenaline


All the MPG part does is fool the manifold temperature upwards to 143*F this aids in bringing the timing back to a usable level most have reported at least 1-2 MPG gain with it in cold weather Winter fronts and BHAF help even more so.

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When I go down to have my truck flashed with the high idle software, should I disconnect my comp? Or will it not matter being plugged in? I would think not because the comp doesnt use the IAT/ECT info.


Any flash work done by the dealer make sure to unhook the Edge Comp (or any enhancements) before the DRBIII is used.

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