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Happy Birthday Michael


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October 26th and Michael turned 44......Happy Birthday Son!  With love always Mom



...one wonders, does mom do this to "rub it in your face"? Or is this the unsuspecting, "Give me a kiss before you go to school, in front of your friends"?




At any rate, happy b-day, Mike.


Just remember, 44 is just a number, stay young at heart!

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Actually I went out to Grangeville, ID today and had lunch out. While I travelled the 120 mile round trip I was stopping along the way to shot pictures with my new camera. I'm going to re-celebrate my birthday and Stephanie (Wife of my boss) birthday tomorrow. I'm Oct 26 and she is Oct 28. So Mom and myself pickup a birthday cake, and some odds and ends. Then another neighbor Betty is making food for the party so I've gotta pick that up in the morning before work. I'll get my pictures posted up tomorrow evening.

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Suppose you got the house littered with black balloons and intimate comments like " watch your footing now you're on the slippery side of the slope" or "watch your step cause you got one foot on the banana peel and the other out the door" etc.


Just part of the ritual! :)


When you can dish it out as well as receive it with a laugh then life is ok!


I just tell my family that I stopped having the birthdays so that way I don't have to get older.  They keep asking me "how's that working for you?"


I'm still looking for a good answer on that one. :cry:

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