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Stolen 1995 Truck


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I am searching for my stolen truck. I have included photos and a description of the truck. I can also offer identifying details for the engine itself if necessary. Please distribute this information and be on the look out. Any leads you can provide would be very helpful. Thank you.

Truck Details
1995 Dodge Ram 2500, 12 Valve Cummins
4x4, 5 speed
Extended cab, long bed
Red and Silver Exterior
Red Interior
LineX Bed Liner
UWS Tool Chest Mounted on Aluminum Risers
Curt Class V Hitch
The truck is very clean inside and out
Approximate Mileage: 140,000
VIN: 3B7KF23C6SM184157
Georgia Tag: PLI7212

Stolen 07/18/2016 from Atlanta, Georgia
The thief busted one of the door handles to gain entry and likely damaged the ignition.

This is the second truck stolen from my family's home in four days.





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Beautiful Dodge, If someone is driving your 95 it should stick out like a sore thumb. I'm in the Mobile Alabama area. If it comes my way, and I hope it doesn't, rather see this rotten thief caught, I'll be sure to let you know. I'll send this to my friend across the bay to keep an eye open for it.

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WTF people and stealing things, really!! Sorry man! ill keep a good eye out for it, and im sending word over into montana and wyoming for a couple friends to keep a eye out also! Hope ya get it back man!!

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With what these older trucks are bringing these days, especially clean low mileage ones, it is not surprising. I do hope you get it back and the dirty SOB's that took it get theirs. Drove NC to MO yesterday and did not see it on the interstate any where. Headed back later today and will keep an eye out.

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Yeah I still have full coverage on my 99, it has 130,000 in the engine and so Iit still books close to $10,000, but at some point I should just put the diference between liability and full coverage in the bank.  I just want something back if it gets stolen or totaled.  

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A truck dealer in Portland, calling his company something to the tune of' Investment vehicles', something like that, has a few second gens selling for over 20,000 bucks. If I remember, I think one was $25 k, a dually with everything on it. I think most are manuals and have under 100,000 miles.

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I really should put full coverage on it, then park slight more into the street each day lolol.  



nah nothing but the bare mins on my trucks.  It might bite me someday, but up until this point I have never used insurance, that's a lot of months of $100 saved.

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It has been almost a year since the trucks were stolen. Unfortunately, my Dodge has not been recovered. However, the experience allowed me to see true character of the Dodge diesel community. The support I received both when I was repairing the truck and after the theft was incredible. I greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.

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