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Herbal & Medicinal discussions. This is to discussion herbal methods of self-healing your body and mind.
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  2. The real stuff can cause serious heart problems in small amounts. May not be strictly illegal, but hard to find.
  3. Can you tell me why that might be true? Interesting, maybe we are only able buy synthetic stuff, thinking its real. Not to worry.... they'll be coming back, some of them broken.
  4. Cleaned out my grandfather's deep freeze when he died in 2011. Found deer meat that was dated 1994. Also, I though real licorice was illegal stateside.
  5. Over two truck loads got dumped in the trash. During the time of the last year with mom her eating habits were very basic. Most the can good exploded and leaked on the shelves. Then the boards start rotting and twisting. Now we are slowly restocking. Even dumped out a freeze with goods over 7 to 10 years old. Now the restock is starting. You won't @Wet Vette doesn't like black licorice... We do, she don't. You might take that up with her too. Yesterday I took the day off and stayed medicated for the day. Rather relaxing. Now up this morning clear headed and r
  6. The new shelves don't look quite as full as the old ones. Makes me wonder where all of the food went. Someone must have been very very hungry.
  7. I don't see Panda Black Licorice !
  8. Give a clue. I bought a 1 gram vape cartridge of Sour Diesel in 24 hours between the two of us down 1/2 a gram. I can smoke a good 2 or 3 bowls after a 1.5 years of smoking. Last night we were sore been busy. Been working at getting ready for winter time. The food pantry is being rebuilt and restocked. This will be my FIRST winter at home in 5 years. These two room turn completely storage with @MoparMom stuff and other thing. Now clean it all out and sorting stuff. Now the pantry is looking better fresh paint (Kilz) and top coat of interior latex. New shelf boards 3/4" OSB (expensi
  9. I have had a glass or two of whiskey and I'll fall asleep nicely, but I always wake up with cotton mouth (with a glass of water next to the bed) and about 2 hours before I wanted to. With a good indica, I'll sleep good and most of the time will not have cotton mouth unless I had no water at all. I will say, you seem to have quite a tolerance. I used to be able to smoke all day, and the good stuff at that. At this point, I'm sure a bowl of dirt weed would would knock me out for a day. I take one, maybe 2, puffs of the stuff my mother gets and that's it for me. If I hav
  10. Typically that is my method of sleep now. Years ago I use to struggle to sleep. You'll find old post of me posting up at 2am, 3am or even 4am. Then I go back to my bedroom watch movies till I dropped dead which was typically 1 to 2 hours before the alarm. Ugh... Since Dec 2018, I've been smoking cannabis. (Coming up on 2 years) Typically my biggest dose is at night. Typically I don't touch any cannabis in the morning on working days or travel day. I play the day straight shooter. Like today I'm doing remodel our cellar today on the house. Yesterday we worked our off.
  11. A friend of mine came to visit me for 2 weeks over the last month. He had never tried marijuana before and he typically takes melatonin to try and sleep. He tried just a little bit about an hour before bed and said that it was the best sleep he has had in years. The kind of sleep where you wake up in the exact same position you fell asleep in and feel refreshed and awake. I basically stopped smoking about 3 years ago but trying a little with him, I fully agree, amazing sleep. I had forgotten how well it works.
  12. Idaho is back and forth on the fence about cannabis use. All the states around us are legal use. California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. All those states are DemocRATs and Idaho is Republic state hence some the hold up.
  13. To kinda echo what has been said previously. Companies can't make obscene profit off something that can't be patented. Can't patent something that occurs naturally. Not to mention it grows virtually anywhere between the arctic/antarctic circles. My mother will be very unlikely to have cancer....... She wants to start farming hemp/cannabis now that she is retired, early on disability from the railroad. Louisiana law was passed last year allowing medicinal. It's on the docket in november to allow recreational and private growth.
  14. Yup. I'm typically hold out till evening time when all jobs are completed. Then I consume my dose of cannabis. Majority is smoked currently but I do have some RSO (Rick Simpson's Oil) for just eating. I'm still doing good bladder and everything is healed up and I'm still rolling. Now knowing what I know now. I could of saved my Step Dad (George Krivda) he died in 2004 from Pancreas Cancer. Could of been pounding the cannabis well before and could of gave him a fighting chance. Even my Mother (Rosalie Krivda) she passed away in Feb 2020. Due to kidney failure, bleed flow issues in
  15. Kinda bumping this old thread....... But, my grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer in Dec 2018. She lived in Phoenix. All of the doctors said the same thing, chemo and tons of cannabis. She had smoked recreationally back in the 60's and 70's, but stopped. We reckon, and the doctors agree, she had very frequent heartburn but never fully treated it. She never wanted to take Prilosec or something to actually give her esophagus the time to heal completely. Went on for at least a decade like that. The doctors had her on both CBD oil and smoking cannabis. It
  16. Nope its a island stove so you can stand on the side or front if you wish. We tend to stand at the side that way you can walk past the cook and do other prep or clean up without making the cook move out of the way. As for the jelly. Man that stuff is good. Sugar free cherry jelly turned out super good. Bit tart being there is no sugar but taste very natural. Now the other batch she did with sugar is good as well but sweet. The sugar-free tasted better personally.
  17. How come she's standing on the side of the stove? Is that because the rock slide is nearer the front ?
  18. @Wet Vette got the idea to do some canning of the fruit in the yard. Right now the Bing Cherries are ripe and looking good. Eileen went out and picked the cherries using the hard tonneau cover on my 1996 Dodge which you can use like a mini-scaffold. She sat outside at the table and was pitting cherries with a straw and had juice running all the way down to her elbows. Brought it all in and cooked it down. She come out with a small cup of the foam she skimmed off and gave me a spoonful... OMG! That is awesome. No sugars (just Splenda) added and its tangy flavor even.
  19. https://m.facebook.com/100048313123251/posts/142489760704794/?from_close_friend=1&notif_id=1590786143757102&notif_t=close_friend_activity&ref=notif https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158550372949306&id=758504305 Here is two links that show Cannabis to help in protecting you from COVID-19.
  20. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ajc.com/news/canadian-study-finds-that-enzymes-cannabis-could-treat-covid/xtpNkbXF8JQosUNWYeTdpM/amp.html

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