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  2. Same here and it ain't the end of the world neither. It was all a plannedemic to bilk the American people.
  3. Here is something to think on there is no vax for cancer, common flu, etc. Then look at the HIV and AIDS its taken YEARS to produce drugs that minimize the effects of the HIV. But now COVID shows up in under 1 year they stamp out a vax for it that doesn't work just look at Joe Biden (Our wonderful President) that bragged about the vax will keep you from getting the COVID. Funny he's now got COVID. I'm sorry gang I'm not going to take a drug that might have side effect of death or altering my DNA. The other thing is if you have natural immunity the chances of getting a second time is greatly reduced where people that have taken the vax and boosters are capable of getting multiple times because it doesn't build your immune system but breaks it down. No vax for me, and I've never had COVID even once.
  4. I’m unvaxxed and have had COVID twice(assuming the self test is accurate). Second time was very mild, mostly scratchy throat and headache. Didn’t seem to affect my energy level or taste/smell like the first time.
  5. We will probably never get all the facts or truth. Even if everything was honest and straightforward, the government and the politicians have lied, twisted, spun, deceived and hid truths before, that I don't and can't believe a single thing coming from government or politicians from every level. Sad but true.
  6. They screwed up the economic balance in this country with covid policies, free money, no evictions etc. Now look at the aftermath. If the Dems would do nothing at all would be best. The death rate per capita is no worse than a flu season and so we end up with panic inflation and landlords stuck with having to up the rents. Every time the vax doesn't work they call it a variant. My research says they never isolated the covid virus to identify it in the first place because it's so small it's impossible. to separate it from other virus. impossible to centrifuge it out. One report removed from Youtube said they never identified any novel virus at all. Novel virus meaning no one is immune and so is going to take over the planet. Pallet loads of money spent. Sorry, I did not mean to sound like complaining all the way thru.
  7. As I recall from my research a couple years ago there are two types of vaccines (as defined historically, not the latest "definition"): Neutralizing vaccines, which are as you describe. The other one I don't remember the name of, where it reduces the symptoms - which sounds more to me like a "therapeutic", but whatever. I'm right there with you on the side-effects. I will never agree to have my kids receive a "vax" for this or a similar illness, and until the benefits outweigh the risks (like if I was much older, already sick, or it's for a MUCH more dangerous illness) I won't voluntarily take it, either.
  8. Then Biden had two Vax shots and 2 booster shots and caught COVID. What good is the Vax if you going to still get infected? How about your damaged DNA? Like another study I seen that vaxxed people have a much higher chance of multiple infections, vs someone is not Vaxed and be naturally immune.
  9. My anecdotal evidence on the vax topic is that I've yet to hear from someone that isn't vaxxed and got it twice (or at least enough to notice, which is all that matters). But I've met many people who got vaxxed and multi-boosted, and have had it 2-3 times and also spread it. That statistic was glaringly absent from CDC data when I last looked.
  10. The purple hair "goofy one" doing KP duty in my 5er.
  11. Funny part is I'm born and raised in California so I'm one of those goofy one. Might not see it, but still part of me. So now I really don't have a whole of room to talk.
  12. Actually met a lot of nice people down there from Cali. I was happy to be around most all of them I met over the years at that camp. We are looking for a new place to go now though.
  13. Dam... I'm going to need another vacs jab with more side effects. I resemble resent that remark.
  14. Ummm. Maybe you'll have to see my new red and brown. As for catching something it must of be that polluted Cally water you were filling your RV with. Then camping out with all those goofy Californiaians. As for me the last time I had a cold is about 4 years ago. I'm rarely even sick.
  15. I'm OK. I got the "purple hair" vacs before I left for camp but now, I'm going bald.
  16. I think I caught something from MoparMan at camp my hair is turning purple, have an obsessive desire for WiFi and chili cheese Freetos.
  17. Did you know it's possible to be come strile from the Vax? Did you know in the the US they are paying big money for un-vax sperm? Did you know the vax alters your DNA? Then as pointed out that the Vax could kill you. Those are enough reasons for me not take the stab. I've already seen friend that had the Vax still get seriously sick, hospital stays, and death.
  18. You can make of that what you will A year ago there was only 27% of the UK population unvaccinated that did include kids 10% of over 16 are not vaccinated now so there is 67 million so that's maybe 6.7 million If you do the maths, of the people that are not vaccinated ie 6.7 million 288 equates to 0.04% died in the period 1st April 2022 till 31st May 2022 if you then take the rest which is approx 60 million people then 0.04% would be 24000 not the actual 8962 that the above says so the % of people dying from covid in the UK is greater among the unvaccinated The maths are probably out a bit but you need to figure out the very low amount of people here that didn't bother before looking at the 288 figure, the vac figure deaths is 0.015% Like I say I don't care what anyone thinks or believes we're all adults
  19. I fully agree with everything you say It is everyone's personal choice and this place is too friendly to get into a debate on stuff that's NOT trucks For information, last week here in the UK there was 800,000 reported cases, my guess is that it is really more like millions as there is no need now to report or isolate here, I didn't report but have stayed away from people On top of covid rates right now our NHS is struggling to cope with a rediculous heatwave where this coming Monday/Tuesday could top 40c or 104F, this might sound find to a lot of you guys but don't forget a hot day here is 25C

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