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Herbal & Medicinal discussions. This is to discussion herbal methods of self-healing your body and mind.

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  2. I have some questions about CBD oil. Is this the correct place to post these questions? Glad to see you are doing better Mike.
  3. Yeah, we care around here and would like to see you make the million miles on your truck. You still out ahead of me. Stay there...
  4. Dripley I have not smoked for 14 months now. I quit smoking a 1,000 times. Finally my mid 60's they were really affecting my health and quit by telling myself just make yourself suffer and quit. I was sucking on short tree branches pretending to smoke to ease the pain. It helped some. The biggest gain is how I feel so good now.
  5. Appreciate you thinking about my health. The smoking has been weighing on me pretty hard the past couple years and it is about to chuck em. To easy to buy and very hard to put them down. I remeber back in the 70's saying if they ever get to a dollar a pack I'm quitting. Did not listen to myself very well. Also i guess all the mass quantities we consumed back then have most likely worn off since my hippie days.
  6. @dripley just needs to change what he's smokin'. That would protect him from the cancer that tobacco will give him and help heal his lungs from the tars in tobacco smoke.
  7. A college professor strongly insisted we all take vitamin C on a regular basis. He was so popular to all us students that I started looking him up after 46 yrs. I was in his class in 1970. It turns out he just retired in 2014 and then died 2 yrs later at 102 yrs old. He was a cool individual always positive. taught us to always find humor in life. I rode in his 68 Porsche back to the campus after an overnight astronomy field trip. I'll never forget him he was a good impression for all us freshman back then. I looked up at the heavens last night and thought about all those things he printed in my head 46 yrs ago. If only we could get Dripley (the big chicken) to quit smokin .... He needs vitamin C and a smoke switch.
  8. Vitamin C has a broad spectrum antioxidant function with the ability to protect cell structures and DNA from free radical damage. Vitamin C is remarkably safe even in enormously high doses. Compared to commonly used prescription drugs, side effects are virtually nonexistent. Read more here... https://www.getholistichealth.com/78102/vitamin-c-cancer-killer-fda-banned/?fbclid=IwAR1dVied0Lk-d3ykQY3AXRUUSo0BYCmbIb29KXp4D3-iqsPxKSMcvwPEHgw
  9. For those that are considering doing chemo for cancer treatments just consider what is in the chemo. http://chemocare.com/chemotherapy/what-is-chemotherapy/types-of-chemotherapy.aspx Thankfully I've never had to do chemo but I figured it was worth bringing up here and let everyone know what is in chemo and how its a poison.
  10. I've only got one more surgery. As my neighbor here in Riggins just got wonderful news. I know hes been using RSO. Rick Simpson's Oil. https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/what-is-rick-simpson-oil We are suppose to meet up after my surgery. Share our stories and what cannabis secrets together.
  11. No wonder we are seeing a lot of old old hippies still around I'm going to have to start studying up on this stuff. Someone told me a long time ago that the system is set up to manipulate profits and the Gov't also doesn't want us to collect social security by living forever. My grampa went till 96 and always said stay away from doctors Mike.
  12. Yeah I'm continue to study about cannabis and curing my cancer. What a amazing the more I dig the more I uncover the fact our Gov't made it illegal so big pharma could make a profit with man made drugs that don't work. Like Chemo... https://ehealthmagz.org/cannabinoid-oil-saves-babys-life-dissolves-brain-cancer-after-family-rejects-chemo/ https://ehealthmagz.org/rick-simpson-cured-over-5000-cancer-patients-with-this-recipe/ https://ehealthmagz.org/cancer-institute-finally-admits-marijuana-kills-cancer/ https://ehealthmagz.org/more-evidence-cancer-commits-suicide-by-eating-itself-after-exposure-to-cannabis/ Be aware big pharma synthetic cannabis will put you in the hospital. https://ehealthmagz.org/big-pharma-synthetic-marijuana-leaves-2-dead-89-hospitalized-in-illinois-2/ https://www.flowsent.com/anti-pot-senator-gets-cancer-decides-medical-marijuana-not-so-bad/ https://ehealthmagz.org/12-reasons-why-you-should-smoke-weed-everyday/ https://ehealthmagz.org/cannabis-cures-cancer-not-chemotherapy-and-empty-promisescannabis-oil-cancer-treatment/ https://ehealthmagz.org/cannabis-kills-all-types-of-cancer-cells-that-science-has-tested-so-far/ Alcohol vs. Cannabis https://ehealthmagz.org/cannabis-smokers-are-far-less-of-a-threat-to-society-than-drunks/ Being I'm a bladder cancer patient.
  13. It helps me as well. Anyone wanting to this...always dilute it. Straight vinegar is hard on your teeth and it can cause very mild diarrhea.
  14. I've gotten used to drinking an 8 oz mug of water and apple cider vinegar with 2 cap fulls.
  15. This is a herbal pill I'm taking for my blood pressure. My doctor stated that I've got high blood pressure. I took the matter into my own hands and started taking hawthorn berry after my first surgery. My doctor isn't exactly agreeing with my use of hawthorn berry. What I see is my blood pressure is in the 117 to 123 range on the high side and 65 to 73 on the low side. I'm right at the normal blood pressure right now. I'll say I'm taking 3 150mg capsules (6am, noon, 6pm). Any others out there using hawthorn?
  16. Now I know that Jennifer @IBMobile wife is the one that suggests that I start taking vinegar in my diet. I would like to get more information going on this.
  17. I'm going to say right off. I do understand that cannabis is illegal in Idaho. I understand the risks of this but I'm not using cannabis for the typical reason like general public thinks. When I was diagnosed with bladder cancer several friends came forward instantly telling me to get onto the CBD oils and CBD strains of cannabis. I've hooked up with several friends that got me plenty of herb for treating my cancer. I can say without a doubt that even with my daily responsibilities I've managed to sit down at night and medicate myself fairly well. Now the first thing I found out that cannabis really is a great sleep aid when you have pain from surgeries. I was very surprised how well I sleep and there is no hangover per se from cannabis use. In my case, the cannabis has managed to stop the growth of the cancer cells and stopped the bleeding in the early stage of my diagnose. I'd like to hear from others on this and what they learn about cannabis use and what they found in information for medical use.

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