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Would you buy LED lighting kits for your truck?  

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  1. 1. Would you buy LED bulb kits for your truck?

    • Yes. I would if Mopar1973Man.Com supplied the kits.
    • No.

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What I'm trying to find out if I produce kits of bulbs say like Exterior package of LEDs would you guys like to purchase a kits of LED bulbs for your trucks? Like for example the front switch back bulbs, rear tail light, LED backup lights, etc. I've just filed a application for becoming a vendor for LED products. I'm looking at expanding the store and adding more products. Now lets stay focused here on this thread with strictly LED lighting and I'll work with that for now. 


Like the external kit like...

  • Red LED brake and turn signal bulbs
  • Red LED cab brake bulbs
  • White LED cargo light bulbs
  • Front switch back bulbs -OR- front amber LED turn signal
  • Front LED headlight bulbs (optional/maybe?)


TURN SIGNAL LED LIGJTS - 2nd Generation Dodge Non-Powertrain ...

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I would except at the moment I already have the the front signals and back up lights. I am interested in doing the interior next including my Isspro gauges. So exterior maybe not but spares are good to have. Interior defintely. Competative pricing would have to be there. Pricing is a little wild out there and I dont know much about the differences between most of them are. 

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  • Administrator

I've had a night to sleep on this a bit I'm going to revert to doing it by bulb type and reference number that make and model of truck and position. Lot of the bulbs are reused in several  places in the truck just color of bulb might have to change like rear high mount stop lamp is red where the same bulb is used for interior map light in white. I'm also looking at it from order position so I can keep inventory supplied and watched over. 

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  • Administrator

I just pulled the trigger on stock. I'm going to start simple and work it up bigger. Starting with standard exterior bulbs like the brake lights and such. I've placed an order for bulbs and should have them in stock by the end of the week. 


Any request for bulbs, colors, types, etc. Please post up and I'll do what I can to meet your demands. 

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  • Administrator
Posted (edited)
39 minutes ago, TheGreatWhite said:

Off topic-ish. How fast can you get me an APPS?

Ummm... Order it and should be 2 or 3 days depending on location...



Edited by Mopar1973Man
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Sorry to weigh in so late, but I've been kind of busy lately, and haven't been keeping up. The LED kit is a great idea, but LED headlight bulbs are NOT legal for on road use. I'm in the automotive parts business, and our company checked into this. This is from Philips lighting on why they don't make LED headlight capsules and for those using other may want to reconsider.


The US Federal Motor Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 108 specifically states for forward lighting (headlamps) that "You cannot replace your filament type light source (bulb) with anything else other than another light source"

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has concluded that it is impossible to produce a conversion kit (converting a halogen system to LED) that would be compliant with the federal lighting standard, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) no. 108. These noncompliant kits frequently include LED modules, control boxes, relays, and wiring harness adaptors. The NHTSA believes this equipment presents a safety risk to the public since these kits can typically produce excessive glare to oncoming motorists. In one investigation, NHTSA found that a converted headlamp exceeded the maximum allowable candlepower by over 800 percent.

We are able to produce the LED Sealed Beams (which replace Halogen Sealed Beams) because the sealed beam unit in itself is a headlamp (contains a lens, reflector, and light source). When it is replaced, all these components are replaced with something new. When the integral beam was tested and passed to DOT/SAE requirements for beam the entire unit is passed, not just the light source.

This is the same thing the OEM does to validate headlight assembly on a new vehicle, and why they can sell vehicles with LED headlamps.


Long story short, (I know its already to long) it is illegal to replace a filament bulb (light source only) with a nonfilament bulb in the United States.


Again, this is our suppliers reply, so if you want to use LED conversion headlight kits in you rigs, remember, this is at your own risk.




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