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If anyone wants to share their favorite camp spot and invite others to meet up. Here is a place you can post others to join in the fun. I suggest a pm rather than a post when revealing your favorite camp spot. Anyhow .... IBMmobile and I been meeting at our camp for about 4 times now not counting the eclipse trip last August. Always fun.
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  2. I'm unlucky because my water line are outside the house to clear the slide. Mine will not tolerate any temperature below 30*F. I will freeze the water lines. After last summer wind storm that pull the belly off my kitchen tank cover I've got a few repairs to make. Now my old 1977 Dodge Jamboree I done plenty of camping all the way down to zero. The water tank was one of the benches at the table all the plumbing was inside the house. That one I did a trip down to -10*F and never had a problem.
  3. You're welcome to join JAG1, me and the rest of the gang in May. PM me and I can fill you in on the details.
  4. We’ve had our camper out 3x so far this year, plenty of cold and snow. Low of 6° and 6-8” fresh on one trip for ski camping. A true 4 season camper is a great thing for Idaho winter camping... I guess one weekend was in Oregon thou 🤣, and was cold enough the river iced over.
  5. You got that right! Bridgeport. My buddy goes there every year. I went once with him. Beautiful area with the two lakes. We didn’t camp. We stayed in a hotel. Would like to camp there eventually. Oceano state park is a nice spot as well. Clean area. No homeless squatting causing a scene at night with police having to show up. Happened once to us at the Pismo state park. Haven’t been back since. Trees all around and a nice trail to the ocean. Plus your reservation allows you to drive onto the beach. We love driving out there before sun set with a pizza and have a fire.
  6. Yeah right now Lewiston, ID has snow and its 750 feet above sea level... I'm just too far into the northern freezer period. I've got to wait till late March for chance to get out now.
  7. That's one of the last good things about living in CA; camp year round. Last weeks camp trip to Haystack Mountain, at an elevation of 3700', the highs were 58°-65° during the day with the night temps between 31°-36°. My next trip will be to the Bridgeport, CA area in May, that's where @JAG1comes down from Oregon and joins us.
  8. Right now the temperature dropped so low its not going to happen with my RV. If it would hover in the 40's I could get away with camping. I lost a big chunk of the under belly panel on my last Arizona trip. Wind tore it off. Just my kitchen grey tank cover. In design it was suppose to be heated holding tanks using the furnace blowing small amounts of air in the enclosed spaces. I need to jack this thing up and pull the remaining cover and measure and get a new piece for the tanks.
  9. I'd be contemplating that while sitting in a CA jail for being noncompliant. Yes, we were antisocial the whole time. The closest camper was about 1/2 mile away on the other side of the mountain. I have two golf cart 6 volt battery's in series, a 1500 watt inverter, and a 2k watt generator all in the front compartment of the 5er. You can see my 5er and the open compartment in the second picture above. The generator gets real quite when I turn my hearing aids off and the closest shade tree is over 3 miles away.
  10. Not a bad little setup. I need to see what all is needed to make mine work. Not sure if I just plug the panel in the solar port on the trailer or what.
  11. I've only got three 15w panels (45w total) from Harbor Frieght and been doing fine with that small amount of charge. I've been watching Home Depot for panels and have some wonderful solar panels for good price. 300w of solar panels and solar controller too. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Grape-Solar-300-Watt-Off-Grid-Solar-Panel-Kit-GS-300-KIT/203505917 Now a kit like that I would think of possibly mounting just a single panel on the roof. Then hard wiring that panel to the controller and RV. That way while in storage it would have 100w worth of solar charge for th
  12. We’re getting the itch to do some camping as well. We’re anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours from nice spots. The coast, foothills or the mountains.
  13. My trailer has an outlet on the side for solar hookup. I’ve got one 100 watt panel.I should buy another one. I have never hooked it up. I always forget to grab it. Having the microwave oven available for use is always nice. I’ve got a 750 watt inverter. I need to hard wire it into the trailer. So all the outlets work through it. Just haven’t gotten around to doing it. Plus I want a bigger one for that.
  14. I've been studying the local area for camping spots. I've found several that you can work with in the early spring and even late winter if you RV is up to the task of cold weather. Being I live on a highway that run north and south, as the high runs north toward Whitebird you going down to about 1,200 above sea level. You can find places below the snow line to camp out. Have to be care on your choice being some large areas might have limit sunshine and be very cold in the early morning hours. We have already though about hitching up and heading towards the north in the lower secti
  15. No generator require for me. I run silent power. I set out my solar panels and have 120 VAC power through the RV without making a single noise. Now if there was a shade tree I would park the RV under the shade and keep it cooler and the put my solar panels out in the sun.
  16. Looks fun! I don’t mind dry camping... with my generator of course! I haven’t been to the range in awhile. Ammo is scares these days.
  17. It’s only illegal if your having fun, Im sure everyone was practicing social distancing laws and wearing a mask too
  18. (Under my breathe) The only gun laws is the second amendment. It clearly state no other laws shall infringe. Which clearly states all American citizens can bare arms. So all the other laws seem to be infringing on the right to bare guns or weapons. Don't be sawed of shoot gun, too large of magazine, or any other laws they create to limit use or possession of said weapon that again is infringement. Federal regulation does stop law enforcement or other federal agencies follow these laws too they are exempt from these laws. Seem kind of one side only focused on the Amer
  19. Yes, as long as the guns are CA compliant and we follow state and federal regulations.
  20. Haystack Mountain is a free camping area on BLM land east of Lone Pine, CA in the Owens Valley between the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the west and the White Mountains to the east. We go there for our annual shooting weekend with pistols, *****, and rifles, out to 600YD, during the day followed by tall tales told around the campfire at night. There were nine of use this time. looking to the east and the White Mountains. Our modest camp site. Looking west with sunset over the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  21. Ah, okay. Those are ones that I copied and pasted from my google drive. The others I downloaded and then uploaded. From the trees out. From the bluff in. The Rock of Despair and Disappointment and the Stump of Contemplation.
  22. Which ones in particular, assuming numbered top to bottom 1-5?
  23. Love places like that. Hardly anyone around, do my metal detecting and Bicycling. Have coffee with anyone that wants some.

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