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If anyone wants to share their favorite camp spot and invite others to meet up. Here is a place you can post others to join in the fun. I suggest a pm rather than a post when revealing your favorite camp spot. Anyhow .... IBMmobile and I been meeting at our camp for about 4 times now not counting the eclipse trip last August. Always fun.
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  2. Put a lock on the fridge but, plenty of chili cheese freetose spread around.
  3. Beast is next for the shop. Hydrobooster, and other things before I roll for Pigeon Forge.
  4. Too bad I couldn't pull in with you. I'd take a week off. But hey I'll be in Pigeon Forge soon.
  5. After my recent knee surgery we decided to recuperate at the camp ground. We came out this past Friday afternoon and will be here until this coming Friday. Nice getting away from things for a bit.
  6. For a minute I thought @wil440posted those pictures. I couldn't figure out how he got to Idaho so fast. Then I realized it wasn't him. He posts his photos upside down. Cool back country! - John
  7. I've got to look into the photo module on the server it does not seem to see which way is up in the photo. Yup we found a excellent camping spot. Tuck away from the main road. Very peaceful place. This camping trip was a well needed trip. a lot of things had happened during this trip. First off we made a trip over to Warren, ID and visited the old mining town and had a bit of lunch time snack. Wondering the dirt roads. Even picked up a bit of firewood. Now that we had a day of rest playing in Warren. We did wonder the roads a bit more to the north and it get pretty rough out there. One of these day in the sum,er when weather is better we will make the loop from Warren, ID to Yellow Pine, ID which happens to be the most remote town in Idaho. Yeah I've been to Yellow Pine but its been years ago. Oh look close there is a old tree stuimp under my truck... Now on the return to the RV that night we sat down and kind of had a simple dinner of sandwiches. Then we sat down started talking business a bit that night. Crazy part we came up with a business plan for the website and there is going to be major changes and improvements. Matter of fact it last til 1am in the morning just chatting and designing the future of Mopar1973Man.Com. So fair warning there is more to come. A LOT MORE! Again I've got to give huge thanks to @Honey Badger for the ideas and effort she is putting into this whole business.
  8. All the places I listed are about 6,000 foot elevation comparing to Mono Village which is 7,500 feet. More back country and less limitations like Mono Village. You can ride ATVs etc.
  9. Too far for Glenn, Dave and Dan. For me it's not bad. I like to stopover in the Blue Mountains on the way to your place in New Meadows. I remember it was 103/105 degrees down in the valley. Exhausted from 3 days in the heat, google showed the Blue Mountains as the coldest place in summertime so I made a B line for the Blue Mtns and got down to 38 in the evening. It was a great relief and I'll never forget as the sun went down at 9pm the temps dropped to 55. It was wonderful and I finally slept.
  10. There is Goose Lake (outside of McCall) you camp alone the lake edge. There is Upper Payette Lake (outside of McCall) you can camp for a small fee. Hazard Lake is a bit more advanced for travel. About 25 miles back on dirt road is Hazard Lake (outside of McCall). The road is rough and dusty also you climb in elevation.
  11. The places I have stayed are a bit out of the way, like 5 bucks a night with a senior pass. They are never crowded but, we need to find one with a good lake for boating and fishing. Might me worth looking west of Shasta and weed around Cecilville, Trinity Alps Mountains that area. There is also a campground on a lake with good fishing in the south Warner Mountains. It is the southern most campground in the Warners. A bit out of the way, you come in from the west side of the Warners and is north of Susanville.
  12. @JAG1, just off the phone with Glenn and told him about the campgrounds you found northern CA. He says he might be interested in them and want more info. If anyone else knows of good campgrounds north of Reno or Susanville, please chime in.
  13. I've got no problem with being different and wild. I see it this way tattoo's are permanent, piercings rather painful, etc. Again I can change a hair as quick as changing hats. I can go back to work and I don't have to keep it. Oh trust me ive got fun plans for that wig yet.
  14. He's distant related to Donald Trump Sorry we couldn't meet up @leety Maybe next time, I hope I bucked head winds all day the day we left. Auto trans temps weren't bad, high as 150 at times. Those moments when I noticed everyone staring at his hair, I would say, ''no he's not weird''! it was funny lol.
  15. I'm safely home and in one piece. This closes out this thread more or less. Idaho was quite different to come home to. All the fields south of Council ID are bright green and like emerald carpet. Certain comfort of rolling it to your home area and just knowing your home. TNow the weekend task of unpacking and getting ready for the work week. I've got ton of phone calls and now gotta get my work plan started for the week.
  16. I'll post some stuff in the motorcycle club since we are trailering our bikes with us.
  17. Be safe mike. Have a good trip. We're beginning g to load up for our trip to Florida. Have to get the SUV loaded then load the motorcycles on the trailer.
  18. Well my first leg in Oregon without wind oh my Gawd. EGTs are 400 degrees cooler. I'm now stating to see much better MPG. Trans is staying almost 40 degrees cooler. Wind is a huge factor. Back to travelling...
  19. Good morning all... My last leg home starts early being ive got a long day. I've got about 5 hours of travel left. Still got to restock food for home and also move back into the house today. @JAG1 called last night to let me he enjoyed the trip. Found out we both made good travel being he made the southern border to Oregon. It was a very enjoyable trip being with long time friends from the website. I hope others start to consider creating their own get together's in their local areas. There is some much to learn from other members. Im looking forward to doing this again.
  20. I'm on my way home since 8am PDT. It's been super windy. Bucking a head wind since I hit I80 east. Fastest I can safely travel is 55 to maybe 60 MPH. Bucking 30 to 40MPH win had 135 miles burned up 18.7 gallons. Ouch. Then fighting the transmission temps. Once I got on US95 and backed down everything was fine. Made from camp Annett's Mono Village to McDermitt, NV. I'm spent and camping in the casino lot tonight.
  21. So what for 16 to 25 buck I can have anything I want for hair. Poof! Blue and black. I've enjoyed messing with people's minds all on this trip.
  22. I can spot a toupee a mile away 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  23. Have been all the trip. Gotta sport the Mopar blue and Cummins coal black. It been quite the conversation on the trip. Just my wild side coming out. @IBMobile filling up with diesel fuel.

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