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If anyone wants to share their favorite camp spot and invite others to meet up. Here is a place you can post others to join in the fun. I suggest a pm rather than a post when revealing your favorite camp spot. Anyhow .... IBMmobile and I been meeting at our camp for about 4 times now not counting the eclipse trip last August. Always fun.
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  2. Ah, okay. Those are ones that I copied and pasted from my google drive. The others I downloaded and then uploaded. From the trees out. From the bluff in. The Rock of Despair and Disappointment and the Stump of Contemplation.
  3. Which ones in particular, assuming numbered top to bottom 1-5?
  4. Love places like that. Hardly anyone around, do my metal detecting and Bicycling. Have coffee with anyone that wants some.
  5. Years ago, before smartphones, I took a trip and found a neat little camping area that is not only free, but all the spots are on Lake Santeetlah near Robbinsville, NC. It is first come/first serve with no reservations. You could reasonably fit a 20' travel trailer or 25' C class rv, I wouldn't try for much larger owing to turn around room. Tent camping it fine. Road noise is non existent. It has 5 reasonably large spots, 2 are very level, 3 are not. It is 12 miles from "The Tail" if that's the star attraction for you. There is a open pit outhouse on site towards the entrance. I would encourag
  6. It overlooks a very picturesque and agricultural part of the Sequachee Valley. He has 90 acres and uses it as a a very secluded sanctuary where he can relax in the nude. It isn't reachable by car or rv owing to the power line trail that leads to it. No power or water, though he intends to add some form of them , almost no noise besides the odd loud truck from the farms in the valley which you have to be paying attention to hear. No air traffic either. The valley is over 1000ft below. The peak in the distance in the right of the picture is Crossville, Tennessee.
  7. Common by hunters to grab a spot month in advance and leave the RV holding up a spot. Even though there is no vehicle and every left out. USFS fights this every year.
  8. Weird that someone would do that. I hope all is well with the owner. He may have gotten sick in the hospital or some other kind of emergency.
  9. I want to post up this camper that is back at our spot. We came in on Wednesday and found that one camper at our spot. Thursday after work I hitched up and haul in to my spot 7pm. Now the entire 6 days we have been there the neighbor has not be at his camper at all. There is a large 4kw generator sitting there, then his horse shoe pins, chairs out, etc. No one has come or gone in 6 days. I'm going to report this to the local USFS office being its clearly stated you can not drop a RV and hold you spot for later. It clearly state you must occupy the camp site for a max of 18 days. P
  10. Yup. This is why I'm starting this. I'm thinking I want to make a database of all the little spots I know of and if they are free or paid camping. Then list all the resources possible for different spots. This is so others looking now can share into the fun and go to these places. Like I'm back at home now... You can see some of the stuff I packed along for this trip. I've got some firewood from home, my fire pit and grill. My weed wacker to cut back some of the tall grasses and weeds. This keeps snakes and mice away from the area. I was packing my tools for work the last few days
  11. Looks like you guys are have a blast! Beautiful area you’re at. Makes me wanna hookup my trailer and get out of town.
  12. I push to get the RV tucked into the trees for good shade through the day. Even brought the weed wacker to trim back the tall grass giving a mini front yard by the RV for the grand kids to play. So , @Wet Vette leading the grand kids down into the creek through the Elk Brush. Parker and Kayden. Great shady place for kids to play and the water is shallow so they are not going to drown. @Wet Vette chasing the setting sun with the solar panels. Look back from the road... Out doing a bit of hiking with eve
  13. I'm doing a twist on this camping trip and doing work camping. So I got up this morning at the RV at 7:30am and hauled for the house got a shower and coffee. Waiting on a few phone calls for A/C service up here. Got about a 1/2 day of work then I'll return to the RV for the afternoon. I for got my camera again. Dang it! It's been a wonderful time with the grandkids. Got a couple of cheap dollar store glow stick rockets. We were shooting these thing out in the parking area of the campground till nearly 10pm. Had wonderful Mexican food cooked out side and fire even in the fire pit.
  14. Ok now that I'm home for a small bit to grab supplies. Brush creek is only like 6 or 7 miles in off the US95. You turn off at Smokey Boulder Road and speed limit is 25 MPH. The road is gravel for the first part. When you get to the fork just hang to the right. Continue about 2 more miles. Brush creek campground is without any services. No water or power. Pack in and pack out. I forgot my camera at the RV. We came out to grab some food we left at the house and grab showers. I've got Eileen two grand sons here too (Parker and Kayden) they are having a blast playing in the creek.
  15. We are out at brush creek up Smokey Boilder Rd. Ill post more about this site when I get home. Lots of photos to come.
  16. Nice place Mike. Glad to see you getting some rest from the normal grind. This is where IBMobile, me and others meet up twice a year. We want you there so you can start all the campfires keep the wood stocked up. We been sayin for years you need to show up at this place. Next one this fall
  17. Lost Valley Reservoir is a local lake just south of New Meadows, ID on US95. Its a short ride up a dirt road to get to the reservoir. There is USFS camp site that you can cram into and pay $15 a night for. We opted to leave on Friday morning and lucked out and found a free campsite below the dam wall and rather peaceful at night. During the day its rather busy chunk of road with people using this road to travel around the lake. Very enjoyable 2 night stay here. Once the sun goes down the traffic comes to a near stop.
  18. This year with a lawsuit, tryin to stay busy enough to keep my thoughts on other things, I got so deep into a rut that it was hard to pull out. Goin to your place with IBMobile was the best thing for me Thank you Mike for helping. My current client pissed that I took off.....(so what! out of 7 rooms we completed the worse one). Well back to the rut, and thankfully the lawsuit is over, they gave up when they heard how well I put my case together. Man I worked on that too. Can't wait to get back to smaller projects so I can travel some more. There are a lot of nice people
  19. Being this was a long over do vacation for me without limits. I spent nearly 2 weeks out there at @Wet Vette daughter place in Arizona. I did Codie a favor and fixed his A/C on his 2016 Ford Focus which he was ready to give up one and sell now he wants to keep it. Nice and cold. Enjoyed some tourism went out to Oatman, AZ and Kingman, AZ. The COVID-19 lock down had most of the the tourism shut down yet. Then when we thought we can wait a few days and go again then the George Floyd thing started. While in Kingman, AZ I was informed by both the Chamber of Commerce and a Jewelry store owner was p
  20. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the great Southwest, The desert can be a beautiful and yet harsh place to be if your not prepared, I love it out their in the winter and early spring, once it hits 90 though I’m heading back to the high country
  21. More photos... Mohave Valley, AZ Oatman, AZ in the background... Did the math on the trip... Scale Weight 17,300 GCW Idaho to Arizona - $180 (12.6 MPG) Arizona to Idaho = $227 (10.8 MPG) Running speeds of 65 MPH for most of the trip. The only time I slowed down was for winds and weather issues. Few times I backed down for transmission temp and knowing my climb was going to be longer than I had temp room for. After the heat shield the trans temp issue is more or less mute. 19
  22. I'm Home!! This trip back was rough. It was about 108*F out when I left Mohave Valley, AZ. Amazingly the heat shield did really well I ran up to 65 MPH towing. The entire trip from Mohave Valley, AZ to Las Vegas, NV is all uphill climb. Both the engine 200*F and transmission 195*F ran warm did very well. We stopped in Crystal Valley, NV for the night at a rest area. Got up and got going and this day was nothing but a struggle. Winds gusty and either bucking head winds ot nasty side wind gust. Just outside Ely, NV got so bad I pulled off and went back in th
  23. Real poor mileage on the 23rd, must have been some nasty head winds. I once had to stay over another nite in Nevada due to 80 mph gusts. I could watch my escape hatch while parked even tho latched down, would almost lift enough to break apart. It was made of fiberglass. When I got home I had one fabricated out of stainless and adapted a bigger hinge, the crank and latch to it. Now it opens all the way so I can stand up in the bed and use it for a gun turret up high on the roof. Just in case big bears (or monster chickens) are trying to get in.

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