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Shopping for an exhaust brake, what do you have?

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My truck is a daily driver and I tow a 30' camper and various equipment on my 10k trailer several times a month. I would like to install an engine brake. Looks like Banks, Jacobs, Pacbrake, and BD are the primary options. I have also read that some turbo setups offer some braking ability. I would like to tune and setup for better low end power and towing. I would like better spooling down low also, so a different turbo may be in the works. My exhaust off the turbo looks like it necks to 3" out of the turbo housing and then up to 4", would like to make that one size if possible.


So what would you all recommend? I searched this forum and others and most replies were from ~2012 so I thought a new discussion might benefit others also. I would like to know what options are nice, how to engage it, air vs vacuum, manual switches, ecm control, apps signal, anything to consider. 


I also hear the brakes may help spooling, egt's, and power curve?


Any and all info is greatly appreciated. 



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HE351VE here, built in EB.  It is very hard to find a better turbo for sub 450 hp when towing.  You can find them all day long for $500, few hundred bucks for a controller from lilbb.com or make your own with my code and off to the races you go. 



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I have a BD that bolts to turbo with 5 bolts, it comes with a flange that replaces stock one. It is a 3" and not sure if there are any that come as 4" only inline ones are bigger. That's why I had a turbo built out of hx35 to be 62/67/12 not as good on spooling as hx35 but moves more air at same psi and I got to keep my exhaust brake. I'm pretty happy with it. If you're planning on bigger exhaust and different turbos in future maybe worth going with inline set up. I do have a 5" exhaust, comes out of turbo as 3" and right of way changes to 4" for down pipe and then to5.

I do think that @Me78569 has a great set up that I looked into but decided to go the way I did. If you want good spool up I would say check it out 


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I've got the Jacobs Brake from Dodge bolted to the back of my HX35/40 turbo (3" inch outlet) with 4" exhaust now. With my current tune on the Quadzilla I've got a hard time exceeding 1,200*F EGT's even towing. Tunning is more important than exhaust size. I'm towing 8,000 pound RV with +75HP (7x0.0085) Injectors from DAP.

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I have a Banks. I worked great for 7 years but something in the actuator let go about 2 months back. Bought it because it bolted on to the Banks package I put on 11 years ago. Easy to install and worked great for 7 years.

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I've been wondering about this set up myself, Glad somebody shining some light on it. My long term goal is to have an exhaust brake with a standard transmission and ditch the 47re when it goes out, because I know its heading that direction again.

@Me78569 are you saying that the extra expense for a 47re smart controller is not necessary if you do the lock up switch mod? 


Also how much built 47re do you really need for the EB. and about 350-400 HP?

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