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Been noticing mist or smoke in the headlights.

Yes I yanked the bottle off long ago.


Hoping valve seals is all. It doesnt use any coolant still runs the same also doesnt use oil. 

I am 1/4" over the hash mark on the dipstick but I doubt that's it. But who knows.

Odometer reads 323k not sure I trust it. Never had more than a valve adjust. Is it time to upgrade the head?


Hoping its semi normal and I'm just noticing since about 90% of my driving is in the dark right now. This is first year in about 8 that I've used her for work.



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@Dieselfuture is right on here.  Vacuum leaks are easy to overlook.  The vacuum pumps are strong on these trucks and can easily overcome a significant leak and the leak will go by unnoticed.  Even the HVAC controls will still work.  Remember any air that leaks into a vacuum line will discharge that same air into the crankcase via the vacuum pump outlet.


@Evan, my truck has about the same miles as yours and two times now I had noticed excessive vapors coming from the crankcase vent and both time it was caused from vacuum leaks. 


- John

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Put my driveline on so I yanked the tcase into gear and no 4wd indicator on the dash.

Mines a 02 non cad so no vacumn actuator in front axle. But it got me thinking more on replies here and if I have a vacumn line off.


Sure as chit one of lines coming from under the drivers battery was off. I hooked it back up. Still no 4x4 indicator but blow by was reduced a ton. Or appears to be reduced also thinking truck is running  better that's probably just in my head.


The 90deg rubber boot coming off the vacuum pump looks shriveled and sad I should replace it.


Thanks for help and not telling me my truck needs a head rebuild 

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2 hours ago, Evan said:

The 90deg rubber boot coming off the vacuum pump looks shriveled and sad I should replace it.

I found a piece of vacuum hose that fits just right; just cut it a little longer to make the 90° turn.  You probably have a piece laying around.  


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